Tumbling Classes

Beginner Level 1 Tumbling - This class option is geared for beginners to learn the fundamentals needed to progress their tumbling skills. Athletes will focus on body shapes and movement, enabling them to excel as they progress.

Advanced Level 1 Tumbling - This class option allows athletes to perfect the foundational skills that will create long term success.  Athletes will work on skills such as Front Walkovers, Back Walkovers, Round-offs, Back Extension Rolls, and connective passes.

Beginner Level 2 tumbling  - This class is designed for athletes to build confidence as they are beginning to learn and master a Back Handspring and simple Back Handspring connections. (ex. Round-off BackHandspring/Back Walkover BackHandspring) This will allow athletes to build upon skills mastered in our Level 1 Class offerings.


Advanced Level 2 Tumbling - This class is specifically for athletes to build speed and consistency in Back Handsprings to safely progress to tucks. This class incorporates a variety of specialty/connective passes that will help to increase control and power. Passes inclusive to this class include standing/running series Back Handsprings and specialty passes.


Level 3 tumbling -  Our Level 3 classes are meant for those athletes that have showcased mastery of Level 1 and 2 elements and are ready to work passes such as Aerials, Punchfronts and tumbling skills ending in a Back Tuck.


Level 4  tumbling - this class will focus on layouts and specialty passes


Level 5 tumbling - this class will focus on full twists and specialty passes


Level 6 tumbling - this class will focus on double fulls and specialty passes 


Elementary, Middle School and High School Group tumbling

Bring a small group or bring your whole team at a time designated just for you! (Call to schedule)



Open Gym

A supervised session for those interested in working on tumbling, jumps and stunts



Intro to All Stars

This is a beginning cheer class that teaches basic cheer skills in a non competitive environment.

Perfect for those interested in learning more about competitive cheerleading, or to prepare for our All Star Team program.



Flyer Class

This class focuses on flexibility and skills necessary for proper technique as a flyer. Open to all ages.



Jump Class

This class will focus on flexibility and proper technique to improve your jumps.