My daughter had 2 amazing stunting experiences the first time she came in and I practically had to drag her out of the gym. 
You have something very special at Planet Spirit. It feels like family almost immediately.  The coaches are so so good, so technical and proficient, and yet are so kind and clearly love the sport and the athletes.
It’s truly amazing.
The girls are supportive of each other and excited about each other’s success. They are also so good to the newbies. One girl said “we love our cheer babies”.  
My daughter is over the moon to have found Planet Spirit and the sport of cheer, hopes to excel quickly and can't wait to become part of the family. 
Our family moved here and found Planet Spirit the first week we were in town. My daughters couldn't be happier! The coaches are so warm and welcoming and the excitement in the gym is so fun to experience. Moving from a smaller gym, we were apprehensive about how our girls would feel with so many athletes, but we were welcomed immediately by everyone and feel right at home. This has helped our girls adjust to living here and we couldn't be happier seeing their smiles and watching them thrive!