Planet Spirit Inc, founded in 1996, is the Midwest's premier training facility for cheerleading.

We have a beautiful facility with a 54' x 42' spring floor, 54' x 42' foam floor, trampoline with overhead spotting rig, tumbletrack and fully mirrored walls.

At Planet Spirit, we offer a fun, safe environment staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, well-trained coaches in the industry.  All of our coaches are USASF certified, AACCA certified and American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified.  Planet Spirit is also the state director for the USASF and a member of the USASF National Advisory Board. We offer All Star teams for all ages, classes, camps, clinics, private instruction, choreography and music mixing.

In addition, we stress the importance of respect, teamwork, self-confidence, discipline, dedication, leadership, integrity and sportsmanship. We strive to not only build great athletes, but great people ~  in a loving, supportive environment!

Planet Spirit is proudly and consistently Minnesota's largest and most successful cheer program!


Planet Spirit has teams for boys and girls ages 4 and older of all ability levels! No prior cheerleading experience is necessary. Each Planet Spirit All Star is placed on a team based on age, ability and experience.We currently have 10 competitive teams and 3 exhibition teams ranging in skill level from beginners to advanced.

Team placement clinics for our teams begin in the Spring. During these clinics, athletes will be instructed on the proper form and execution of jumps, tumbling, stunting and motions. This will also give each athlete a chance to interact with the Planet Spirit coaches. Please remember, anyone with a great attitude and a willingness to work hard can be a Planet Spirit All Star!

Do I need to have tumbling experience?

No, prior tumbling is not required. The majority of "All Stars" learn their skills at Planet Spirit!

Will I be on a team with cheerleaders my age?

The coaches and staff at Planet Spirit work diligently to minimize the age ranges on each team.

Will I be on a team with my friends?

Planet Spirit will work very hard to make it convenient for you to join our program. Though we cannot guarantee that you will be on the same team as your friends due to ability and experience levels, we know that you will make numerous new friends once you become a part of the Planet Spirit family. We have athletes from all over the Twin Cities area and many of our athletes and their families arrange car pools for added convenience.

What team will I be on?

Teams are selected based on age, current skills, experience and requirements to form stunting positions. If you have any questions regarding skill levels please refer to the USASF skill level requirements that we will provide, or ask a Planet Spirit coach or staff member. Each team will compete at the level which the majority of the team can perform consistently and safely and at which each cheerleader will continue to be challenged.

How many hours per week will my team practice?

Our all star teams practice 4-6 hours per week. Each team will practice two days per week.

When can I work on my tumbling?

We offer several different tumbling classes that you can attend during the week. These classes are divided by skill level and are strongly encouraged. There is no additional charge for current "All Star" team members to attend these classes!

What competitions will my team attend?

A list of all of the competitions we will attend will be handed out at the beginning of the new season. The competitions we attend are selected by the Planet Spirit staff based on previous experience, cost, location and timing of the event. Planet Spirit does offer both travel and non-travel teams!

What are the costs involved?

You will receive a packet detailing the monthly tuition, uniform and competition costs for the upcoming season. There will also be several fund raising opportunities to offset the cost to you.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call us at 763-512-1638


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